BEAKEY 6+6 Pcs Round Makeup Sponge with Air Cushion Powder Puff, Blending Sponge for Liquid Cream and Powder, Puff for Body and Face, Available for Powder Products, Shading Loose Powder Etc, Non-Latex

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1.EASY MAKEUP:Can be used both dry and wet, suitable for apply BB Cream, Liquid Foundation, Cream Foundation, Loose Powder, Pressed Powder etc.
2.EXQUISITE MATERIAL:Round Makeup Powder puff is made from high-quality hydrophilic non-latex material, elastic, soft and durable, breathable and light, do not absorb powder. The air cushion puff is made from polyurethane for picking and holding powder and suitable for all areas of the face.
3.EASY TO CLEAN:Please clean powder puff with mild cleanser and warm water, and put it in ventilated place.It is recommended to change it once every 1-2 months.
4.COMPACT & PORTABLE:6+6PCS Round Makeup Sponge with Air Cushion powder puff.Can meet the daily beauty needs. Perfect for daily use or professional makeup.
5.ATTENTION:100% Refund Guarantee. Plz identifies the legal BEAKEY product with a special BEAKEY brand logo on the packaging. Sold by BEAKEY SELLER only, any other package without the BEAKEY brand logo is fake.


Love Beauty Love BEAKEY, Focus on Makeup Tools.
Set contains 6+6Pcs round makeup cushion sponge puffs with air cushion puff

6Pcs round makeup cushion sponge puffs
Made of high quality materials, flexible, soft and durable. Breathable and light, do not absorb powder, soft and comfortable to touch, suitable for daily use or professional makeup, to provide you with a smooth and flawless foundation.
How to use
Wet use:
Suitable for cream,BB cream, liquid foundation, foundation cream, concealer, etc.. It is delicate and soft, evenly applied, and it is easy to eat powder.
Dry use:
Suitable for powder cake, face powder, loose powder, honey powder, high-gloss powder, etc., can make the makeup more uniform and meticulous, not easy to lose weight.
How to clean
Gently squeeze the puff after soaking in water. If it is oily or difficult to clean, please wash it with a mild detergent and place it in a ventilated place.

6Pcs air cushion puff
The air cushion puff is made of soft, comfortable and safe materials,suitable for ladies and ladies. Use this make-up puff to make your makeup look natural and beautiful. It is gentle and soft to the skin, providing you with a smooth and flawless foundation every time.Available for powder products, foundation, loose powder etc.
How to use
1. Usage of the dry puff: press on the pressed powder lightly to pick up appropriate amount of powder makeup, and blend it out on the skin gradually.
2. Usage of the soaked puff: soak the sponge with water, wring it out and then you can use it (recommended)
How to clean
Rinse the puffs with warm water and wipe gently with soap until it's clean. Rinse and air dry. Replace once a month when saturated or as needed.