TerraLUX Ministar 5B TLE-6EXB Maglite LED Conversion Kit For 2-3 Cell C and D Mag-Lite Flashlights - 140 Lumens

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LED FLASHLIGHT REPLACEMENT BULB - replace or upgrade your regular flashlight bulb with the TerraLUX by Lightstar Maglite LED Conversion Kit. Convert it into a bright & long-lasting flashlight
FOR USE WITH YOUR MAGLITE FLASHLIGHT - 1 Pack. Designed for use with your 2-3 cell C and D MagLite torch. The bulb is electronically regulated for exceptional battery life
BRILLIANT WHITE LIGHT - 140 lumens, this upgrade lightbulb is 7 times as bright as standard flashlight bulbs and emits a consistent light output
SUPER EASY TO INSTALL - unscrew flashlight head & retaining collar. Remove incandescent bulb & drop LED Conversion Kit into bulb socket. Replace collar & turn clockwise. Replace flashlight head
EFFICIENT, BRIGHT & RELIABLE - with a 15 hour max runtime, the bulb is super reliable & helps to extend the battery life of your flashlight so that you have light when you need it. LED won't burn out


Youll glow with happiness when you experience the LED Flashlight Replacement Bulb by TerraLUX. The LED Conversion Kit is the ultimate performance upgrade for your MagLite 2-3 cell C and D flashlight.At 140 lumens, its up to 7 times as bright as standard incandescent bulbs and with 17 hours of runtime, its the smart choice for people looking to upgrade or replace their existing flashlight. The bright LED wont burn out and is electronically regulated for a consistent and reliable light output. It emits a focused and steady flashlight beam that is essential for those that rely on their flashlight to perform. The efficiency of the bulb means an extended battery life, helping you to save money. Its easy to install too. Simply unscrew the flashlight head and retaining collar. Remove the existing incandescent bulb and drop the LED Conversion Kit into bulb socket. Replace the retaining ccollar and turn clockwise to tighten. Replace flashlight head. And youre good to go.