LudoPam High Power LED Upgrade Bulb 3W DC 4-12V Replacement Part LED Conversion Kit Bulbs 3-6 Cell C&D for MagLite Flashlights Torch

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FLASHLIGHT LED Upgrade BULB - Convert most C & D 3-6 cell PR style flange incandescent flashlights into bright, long lasting flashlights with this flashlight upgrade bulb, for upgrade Maglite bulb or replacement flashlight bulb,with LED technology.
REPLACE WITH AN UPGRADE - Flashlight bulb burn out? Make a quick and efficient upgrade with this LED replacement flashlight bulb, by popping it in the same way you would a conventional bulb.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - The LED technology in this flashlight LED bulb offers a much longer battery life, making it an economically and environmentally smart choice as a upgrade led bulb, general flashlight upgrade bulb or replacement flashlight bulb.
BRIGHT LED LIGHT - Light your way with daylight white lighting and the High Power 200-lumen output of this flashlight LED bulb, as opposed to the dull yellow of incandescent bulbs.
HIGH POWER, LONG-LASTING - The LudoPam high power flashlight upgrade bulb is long lasting and reliable, offering an estimated 50,000 hours of use.


IMPORTANT Warning - This bulb is negative-ring, positive-tip. Please check your battery polarity before replacement bulb.Otherwise, the bulb will be short circuit and began to heat.

Item Model: P13.5S

Power : 3W

Beam angle:110 degree

Color : Daylight White

Color Temperature: 6000K

Voltage : DC 4V-12V

Base: P13.5S

LED Quantity : 1 LEDs per bulb

Function: Tourch, Flashlight headlight

Life span: 50,000hours