BESAFTY - 50 Pcs 3-Ply Blue Commercial Dental Surgical Medical Disposable Earloop Face Masks.Sterile Independent Packaging, Medium size for Adult.

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100% Brand new and Environmentally friendly materials production, Light, thin, breathable, anti-allergic.
Three layers of different density of non-woven fabrics, effective filtration of 99% dust and splash pollution.
Three-layer fold-style Designed to effectively increase the breathing space.
Use of ethylene oxide sterilization in line with international health standards, valid for two years. Safety performance achieve to the operating room and surgical level.
Each product is an independent aseptic packaging,Prevents cross-contamination during transport and storage.


Brand Name: BESAFTY
Product Name: Disposable Sterile Mask
Material: Non-woven Fabrics
Color: Blue & White

Scope of application:
Daily use to prevent dust, pollen and exhaust pollution. Professional use Suitable for clinical staff in the traumatic operation of the process of wearing, for the treatment of patients and the implementation of traumatic operation of the medical staff to provide protection against blood, body fluids and spatter pollution.

Use Instructions:
After confirming that the product is within the validity period and the package is in good condition, open the package and remove the mask. Metal Strip up, white non-woven inward. Elastic band hanging to the ears. Adjust the shape of the metal to fit the face shape, stretch folding design to expand the breathing space.

This product supports only one-time use,Destroy or discard immediately after use.(Recommended replacement time 3-5 hours).
Before use to confirm the packaging is intact,If there is damage to prohibit direct use.
Before use to confirm whether the period of validity (production date see the seal bag),Prohibit the use of the product beyond the validity period.
Transport and storage should be maintained at a relative humidity of not more than 80%, non-corrosive gases, well ventilated, clean's space.Avoid the tide, avoid light, away from heat.

Package Included:
50 Piece Disposable Sterile Masks.