10 Inch Stainless Steel Hemostat Locking Pliers

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Versatile clamping tool for hobbies or work projects; non-corroding stainless steel construction
3-step locking mechanism to vary clamping force; high fulcrum-point design requires minimal effort
Finely-serrated jaws hold work material with secure non-slip grip; 3-1/4" throat depth
Thin, tapered tip for superior access in tight fits; traditional thumb-and-finger ring handle
7" length, 3-1/4" width at handle (fully closed). Not for medical use.


Excellent 'helping hand' when working with fine material - soldering, gluing, electronics repair and hobbies. Jaw dimensions (closed): 5.6 - 4.0mm height, 10 - 5.0mm width; pivot-point 3-7/8" from tip, 3-1/4" throat depth. Available in 5", 7" and 10" lengths.