Meat Thermometer with Wifi, Makes Grilling & Smoking Meat Easy, Includes 4 Probes, Wifi BBQ Thermometer with Phone App to Receive Alerts & Monitor Temperatures From Anywhere, Tappecue (Standard)

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MAKE SMOKING MEAT EASY: The Tappecue meat thermometer with wifi was designed and engineered to make smoking meat easier. Instead of going outside every hour and checking to see if the temperature of your smoker is at the right temperature, you can use this wifi BBQ thermometer to monitor the temperature of your smoker from anywhere!
FREE MOBILE APP: Our Wifi BBQ thermometer with phone app is available on all Apple products, as well as Android products. This allows for you to receive alters when the temperature min/max is reached, as well as when the chamber goes low or high. This wifi meat thermometer can send alerts to multiple devices, and it has a Guest Mode functionality; allowing guests to view and get alerts.
GIFT IDEA: This wifi enabled meat thermometer is the perfect gift. If you have someone in your life that loves to cook using their smoker, then this is the perfect accessory for them. They will love how easy this wireless wifi meat thermometer is to use, and how simple it makes the smoking process.
KEEP YOUR HISTORY: At the end of every smoking session you have an option to email the session results in a CSV file format that can be imported into excel and graphed. This data will have approximately 30 second temperature updates on all four probes. This feature of our wifi meat probe thermometer allows you to analyze how long it will take to cook different varieties of meat in the future.
HOW IT WORKS: Download the Tappecue app to your smartphone or tablet. Connect Tappecue unit to your internet router. Monitor temps and receive alerts from anywhere.


WIFIInternal antennae allows for distance of the smoker/Tappecue to be as far as 180 feet spread from the wireless router/hotspot. It works with unsecured and secured networks.MOBILE APP FEATURESReceive alerts when the temperature min/max is reached. Receive alerts when the chamber goes low or high. Multiple devices can be alerted. Default probe list that is customizable (i.e. poultry can be changed to chicken). Has Guest Mode feature, which allows guests to view/get alerts to your temperatures.PROBESIt comes with 4 thermistor probes. Temperature inputs in the range from 0 F to 572 F. Probe settings can be set for food or chamber temperature monitors. Probes have a 6 foot wire leading up to the probe.VIEW TEMPERATURES & GRAPH FROM WEB BROWSERView quick temperatures from web browser htt:// (Note: cannot start smoking session from web browser, must begin smoking session from mobile app)WHO WE ARETappecue is the future of thermometers used by BBQ and grilling enthusiasts of all stripes. Started by a team of entrepreneurs in the barbecue capitol of the world (Kansas City, of course), Tappecue is changing the way that professionals and enthusiasts guarantee that they get the perfect cook every time they grill or smoke. Paired with our proprietary SessionBook, Tappecue becomes and even more powerful tool that enables grill masters to fine-tune and perfect their technique to create award-winning winning recipes.